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Hapkido Technique Lists by Belt Level


The Iowa Hapkido curriculum is divided into short lists of techniques that are taught to students of each belt level. Students are expected to know how to do all of the techniques on the list for their current rank before they are allowed to test for the next belt level. The test is an opportunity to demonstrate the techniques of a student's current belt level, in addition to those from all previous belt levels.

At the higher belt levels, in addition to learning new techniques, students also learn to use techniques already known to defend against new types of attacks (the types of attacks we practice include: single-hand, cross-hand and double-hand grabs, side attacks, lapel grabs, pushing attacks, overarm and underarm hugs from behind, double-wrist grabs from behind, punching attacks, attacks against a wall, and ground attacks).

White Belt
Orange Belt
Green Belt
Blue Belt
Brown Belt
Red Belt
(At the Black Belt levels, students are expected to continue mastering the above techniques, as well as learn new ones that occasionally present themselves, and learn weapons defenses using already-learned techniques.