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Beginners Welcome Any Time:


Tues./Thurs. 7-8 p.m.

Fieldhouse Room S481





Green Belt Techniques

Wrist Techniques:
1. Policeman’s Come-Along
2. Ankle Pick
3. Scarf
4. Skip
5. Step Under Arm Bar
6. Fireman's Carry
7. Single Leg Takedown
8. Double Leg Takedown with Ankle Trap
9. DDT
10. Step in Wave
11. Outside Wrist Lock Arm Bar
12. Chin Flick
13. Side Lapel Choke
14. Double Arm Bar
15. Pull Hamburger

Side Attacks:
All white belt techniques from wrist

1. basic throws on both sides
2. tai-o-toshi
3. sacrifice with roll up

1. pull-up wrist compress
2. step over elbow scissors

1. hammer fist
2. knife hand
3. sliding side kick
4. outside cresent kick
5. inside cresent kick
6. scoop kick
7. high wheel kick

Board Breaks:
high-low wheel combination

Rolling falls over one person bent at waist