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Free Self-Defense Seminars



Most students are aware of the problem of campus violence.  Every week, the local newspapers report stories of violence against students, violence often committed by other students.  Women students are warned not to walk alone after dark, not to get into elevators with strange men, not to drink excessively around male students… the list of warnings is lengthy.  However, no one can avoid all dangers, nor should students have to spend their lives looking over their shoulders.


If a threatening situation does occur, it is important to know appropriate ways to react.  We want to help.  Iowa Hapkido offers free self-defense seminars to interested groups.  These last about 1 hour and teach simple escapes from a variety of common attacks.  The focus is on ways to get away from danger as quickly as possible, using techniques that do not require strength. Also, ways to avoid potentially threatening situations are discussed. The seminars are a great activity for dorm floors, sororities, academic departments and other groups to participate in.  


The seminars last about 1 hour and can be taught in any large room without furniture (a room with a carpeted floor is preferable, but not required).  Groups of 10-30 participants work best, although it is possible to work with smaller or larger groups.  The seminars give hands-on training, and participants will practice escapes and techniques with a partner.  Loose, comfortable clothing should be worn and all jewelry should be removed.

For more information or to schedule a seminar, please contact us.