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HAPKIDO – Reading List



Following is a short list of books covering various martial arts topics. We have found these to be good books for further understanding of Hapkido, even though not all of the books are specifically about Hapkido. Until recently, very few books have been written about Hapkido.

1. Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere. A. Westbrook and O. Ratti. Rutland: Charles E. Tuttle Company, 1970.

2. The Art of War. Sun Tzu, Thomas Cleary, transl. Boston: Shambhala Publications, 1988.

3. A Book of Five Rings. Miyamoto Musashi, Victor Harris, transl. Woodstock: The Overlook Press, 1982.

4. Hapkido: A Guide to Black Belt Studies. Master Choe. Hui Son Choe Publishing, 2000.

5. Hapkido: Traditions, Philosophy, Technique. Marc Tedeshi. Trumbull, CT: Weatherhill, 2000.

6. Ki in Daily Life. Koichi Tohei. Tokyo: Ki No Kenkyukai H.Q., 1978.

7. Living the Martial Way. Forrest E. Morgan. Fort Lee: Barricade Books, 1992.

8. The Sword of No-Sword. John Stevens. Boston: Shambhala Publications, 1984.

9. Three Budo Masters. John Stevens. Tokyo: Kodansha International, 1995.

10. Total Aikido. Gozo Shioda. Tokyo: Kodansha International, 1996.

11. Women in Aikido. Andrea Siegel. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books.