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Hapkido Word Definitions and Test Questions


Hapkido – The way of coordinated power

Hap – Coordination
Ki – Power or inner strength
Do – The way of

Three basic principles of Hapkido:
1. Circular Motion
The way a circle is used to move an attacker off balance. The same circular motion is used to gain speed and force to take that attacker to the ground
2. Non-Resistance
The way an attacker’s own force can be used against himself (do not meet force with force). The way one uses minimal resistance and counterforce to defend oneself from an attacker.
3. Water Principle
The way one flows around an attacker (like water around a rock) and counterattacks at the attacker’s weaknesses.

Why do we yell in Hapkido?

1. To let our air escape when we fall, thus, not choking on our breath when we impact the ground
2. To help focus our power and strength when directing a force into a single burst of energy
3. To intimidate an attacker
4. To communicate with a partner for safety (to indicate when one is ready to be attacked and when one is attacking)

How do we develop our Ki?

1. By a breathing exercise called Ki-no-ki
2. By meditation